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Top City Visitors’ Top 10 FAQs

Visit Topeka is here to serve you. We know you’re busy and looking to get the most out of your time in #TopCity, so we’ve compiled answers to the questions we receive most.

Please feel free to comment with other questions or reach us by phone at (785) 234-1030 or (800) 235-1030 or email We regularly respond to tweets (@visittopeka) and Facebook messages (/visittopeka). You can also connect with us on Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat to explore our vibrant community before you arrive.

Pi Day: Topeka’s got what you need to solve any sweet equation

It's 3.14! Math fans around the globe are celebrating Pi Day today. You remember Pi, right? The Greek letter Greek letter pi symbol represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to a diameter - approximately 3.14159.

Thinking back to middle school math got you hungry? We've got a fix for that. Topeka has some great local pie shops to fill your belly as you munch for math's sake today. We've listed them earliest closing time first, so you can make the rounds. Enjoy your Pi Day.