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Author: Michaela

Michaela is vice president of brand strategy at Visit Topeka and the Greater Topeka Partnership. She's a Topeka-transplant from North Dakota by way of Iowa and Nebraska and she's full of #TopCity ❤️.

Experience the world, thanks to your neighbors!

They say travel is good for your brain. New experiences, meeting new people, hearing another language, tasting new foods and learning new customs actually grow the brain. Being exposed to all of that can even make you more empathetic -- more willing to understand someone else. Personally, I’d say it also lets you get more jokes, make friends and most importantly, it helps you better understand that each of us is part of a much broader world. 

Severe weather info to know

Monday, April 25, 2016 4:40 PM by Michaela

Severe weather info to know

Unless you’re an experienced storm chaser, severe weather isn’t something you typically plan for during a family vacation or business trip. Being in an unfamiliar area can make severe weather conditions even more stressful. We want to encourage everyone to stay alert to weather conditions and review the following severe weather information.