April Neff

For April Neff, licensed master social worker, a key component to her job is having the right environment for herself and her clients, and that's why she chose to become a member of 712 Innovations. From her office at 712, April can meet with her psychotherapy patients and attack her numerous side projects that revolve around mental health. 

“With this job you only need a room and a good culture,” says April.

So, after the previous firm she worked for folded, April was on the hunt for an environment that provided good vibes. One day when April was walking around in Downtown Topeka, she came upon 712 Innovations and knew right away that it was the right place for her, citing its peaceful and creative character as a major draw. 

“I like that we have this creative space to work from,” she says, “It’s also awesome to be in the middle of Downtown – being so close to where ideas are created and just being surrounded by so much development.”

712’s attentive staff is also a major benefit says April. “Both Karen [Christilles] and Aaron [Neely] have been great. They are extremely responsive and have been more than willing to help me with whatever request I’ve made.”

In addition to seeing her patients, April records her podcast, Be A. Neff, from her 712 office. The podcast is a mental health continuing education program, devoted to providing intuitive interventions to field workers and modern mental health therapists.

“If you’re like me, a recovering academic, you need to keep learning. The podcast discusses different scenarios you might encounter, how to use different technology and other practical learning skills mental health professionals can utilize.”

April recently self-published Mana Up – A Geek Therapist’s Survival Guidebook Volume 1. Written especially for youth, the book dives into different methods of “Geek Therapy,” a method which uses concepts of which one is passionate about. Through this method of therapy patients can create metaphors to overcome their challenges. Always driven to do more, April has already begun work on her next book in the series.

To learn more about April and how she can help you overcome the hurdles in your life, check out her profile on Psychology Today