The Greater Topeka Partnership is showing its enthusiasm by partnering with the Topeka City of Character to sponsor November’s word of the month. Can you guess what it is?

Enthusiasm is defined as expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort.

We sat down with Downtown Topeka, Inc.’s President and CEO Vince Frye to learn what enthusiasm means to him and his organization. “Here’s a little history: when Heartland Visioning polled the Topeka & Shawnee County community in 2008 regarding what they’d like to see most in their community, the number one priority they came away with was a revitalized downtown. For myself and my staff that’s where our enthusiasm comes from. I really think that hope coupled with desire creates enthusiasm-and it was clear that the hope and desire was present when Downtown Topeka, Inc. began to germinate.”

When discussing enthusiasm as it relates to the Partnership, Vince said that “for the first time [the five organizations] have one voice that is focused with enthusiasm on meeting the needs of the community.”

A “City of Character” is one in which the elected officials, community leaders and citizens at large recognize the importance of good character. We’re thrilled to contribute to Topeka’s character in November. Check back for more posts about enthusiasm from leaders within the Greater Topeka Partnership.