During the month of November, The Greater Topeka Partnership aligned with Topeka City of Character to sponsor the word of the month: enthusiasm. Partnership leaders Brett Oetting, Vince Frye and Matt Pivarnik shared their personal interpretation of enthusiasm and how it functions within their individual organizations as well as the Partnership. Enthusiasm is defined as expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort. In this article, we will reflect on the advantage of enthusiastic people within an organization. What’s more, we will share how enthusiasm drives the Partnership’s work and future endeavors.

An organization’s enthusiasm is reflective of the people that serve its mission. Enthusiastic people deliver on their promises, employ effective interpersonal conflict resolution practices and work productively with others. Moreover, one who is enthusiastic demonstrates an interest in the service he or she provides and expresses a willingness to grow and change- characteristics that are essential to grow and change an organization.

In establishing the Partnership, the enthusiastic, passionate people from each of the five entities will come together as one economic development organization to better serve Topeka & Shawnee County. It is no longer a matter of “us” or “them,” but instead an enthusiastic “we.”

In the combined words of our aforementioned leaders: We are enthusiastic about the formation of the Greater Topeka Partnership because all five of the organizations believe in open communication and collaboration. We are excited to have one voice that is focused with enthusiasm on meeting the needs of the community. We are thrilled about building on the momentum to further the community’s economic development. And we are elated to be working stronger together.

A “City of Character” is one in which the elected officials, community leaders and citizens at large recognize the importance of good character. Click here to learn more about Topeka City of Character and help support their cause.