Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Don’t be the significant other that waits until the last minute or forgets the day all together! But if you do forget, a trip to Topeka can still melt your lover’s heart.

Skip the large box of mass produced chocolate. Hazel Hill on Kansas Ave. downtown offers a variety of freshly made chocolate treats (and caramel apples)! Let your sweetie choose his or her treatie. No one will ever suspect you forgot when your someone  is trying so hard to decide which delicacy to try.

While you are downtown, if your partner does suspect you forgot, woo them with fine jewelry. You will find both Briman’s and David’s jewelers with wonderful selections of diamonds, gemstones and gold (aka items that can get you off the hook).

As the sun is setting, take a walk or bike around the Capitol grounds. If the weather is rough, share your coat. The luster of the Capitol at dusk and after the sun has set makes it a beautifully romantic setting and perfect for photos.

Stop by The Prairie Fire Winery retail store in Brookwood Village. You can sample wine with the guidance of experts and select a bottle to enjoy during your stay in Topeka and one (or more) for later. In 2015, Prairie Fire was voted the best winery in Kansas.

Of course, we do not condone drinking in public or drinking and driving, so please take advantage of one of our specials and hotel listings and call it a night at a cozy area hotel. Open the wine with peace of mind.

Topeka can get you off the hook this Valentine’s Day and leave your lover wowed that you did a lot of work planning a special day. Yeah, we’ve got your back.

happy valentines