Dirty Girl speakers Momentum Meeting

"Success stories can be found at every corner of the community - not just by large corporations, but also by individuals in the community."

On June 12 attendees of the 2019 Momentum 2022 Investors Meeting heard from community members on their individual stories of success which were propelled by Momentum 2022. This year instead of holding its annual GO Topeka Meeting the Greater Topeka Partnership decided to shake things up by inviting Momentum investors to see where their dollars were going: to the people in their community.

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“The thought was, ‘let’s not have the same meeting we always have’,” says Senior Vice President of Strategy Kayla Bitler-Loschke, “Let’s bring in new faces; let’s tell stories.”

Since its kickoff in 2017 Momentum 2022, the holistic economic development strategy of Topeka & Shawnee County, has collaborated with others in the community to help them succeed. During this evening of storytelling, investors heard from everyday people about how the developments taking place in the community affected them in 2018.

Youth Commission speak momentum meeting

Special guest speakers included Denise Selbee-Koch and Jennifer Woerner, co-owners of Dirty Girl Adventures (featured at top of page); Lawrence Shinn, student at Washburn Tech East; SJ Hazim, educator and founder of Project Forward; Jacob Gernon and Nicole Bloomquist (featured above), founding members of the Topeka Youth Commission; and Patti Mellard, CEO of Key Staffing and Premier Employment Solutions and co-owner of the Kansas Avenue Lofts.

Success stories ranged from moving the needle on Topeka’s positive image to growing the support of river development, to finding a voice for the Topeka Youth Community.

pivarnik speaks at momentum meeting

GTP President & CEO Matt Pivarnik, who served as the emcee for the event, commented, "Success stories can be found at every corner of the community - not just by large corporations, but also by individuals in the community."

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