paper june

Angie Grau grew up on a healthy diet of books. Some of her fondest early memories are of reading Care Bears and The Boxcar Children series with her mom and brother. It was this early introduction to books that encouraged Angie to make reading “a big part of childhood” for her kids, as well. But it didn’t stop there.

While both of her children, especially her 7-year-old daughter, are book lovers, Angie also wanted to bring more creative learning opportunities to children in the area. “I always loved the idea of inspiring kids and encouraging them – but becoming a teacher wasn’t for me.” says Angie. This is when the idea for Paper June began to germinate.

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The need was apparent to Angie. “Topeka doesn’t have a lot of solely kid-focused businesses right now,” she exclaims, “and before Paper June we didn’t have anything solely focused on kids’ books.”

As Angie and her husband began to plan for their business, they set their sights on the right location. It didn’t take long to zero in on the North Topeka Arts District (NOTO). “We chose NOTO because of the creative atmosphere,” says Angie. “Everywhere you go is inspiring. It’s a place where kids can see people demonstrating their creativity, living their art.”

In addition to a book boutique, Paper June offers an art studio where regular classes are hosted – most of which are in the evening (you’re welcome working parents!). Classes begin this summer and will include painting, drawing and creative writing classes. Angie also hope to offer photography, videography and animation classes in the near future.

One of Angie’s goals is to build a “community for kids’ art in Topeka.” She plans to collaborate with entities in the community to create a network that the public can connect with to find art opportunities for their kids.

In addition to its regular classes, Paper June will offer First Friday classes for kids. Parents can drop off their children and enjoy the Art Walk, knowing their kids are in a safe and engaging atmosphere.

To learn even more about Paper June, check out their website!