The inaugural Topeka Restaurant Week is in full gear, to the delight of many foodies, restaurants and Harvesters: The Community Food Network. Topeka Restaurant Week is a week-long event that runs from February 28 to March 7. During restaurant week, participating restaurants are crafting specialty lunch and dinner items for a set price. The Harvesters BackSnack program is receiving $2 of every lunch and $3 of every dinner purchased. BackSnacks provide nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly and shelf-stable items for local children each week.  

The first stop of this food-lover’s dream was the Burger Stand at College Hill. The Burger Stand is a must stop for any burger-loving foodie out there, especially if you love to pair the eats with craft beer. Every burger comes with a unique twist on the all-time classic meal and you can order fries in a variety of unique flavors. Their dinner offering is a salmon dish I can't wait to try.

I went into the restaurant with excitement and anticipation over what their team had concocted for Topeka Restaurant Week lunch. From what I know about the folks at The Burger Stand, they rarely disappoint. Wednesday’s visit was no exception.

Chicken and waffles is already a unique meal but The Burger Stand put their unique spin on it like only The Burger Stand knows how. They turned it into a burger.

My name was called and immediately my mouth started to water. The smells and sights were perfectly blended and complimentary. Soft buttery waffles topped with just the right amount of syrup and powdered sugar made my sweet tooth swoon. The lightly breaded chicken patty topped with melted Swiss cheese and slightly salty bacon jam sat between the “bun” of two fluffy waffles. It made my taste buds yearn for the explosion of flavors getting ready to hit my mouth. Add the perfectly cooked French fries as a side and you have the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch.

After I had finished the meal I realized that I had enjoyed it so much that I forgot to take notes. Sometimes, something is so profound that you don’t need notes to remember even the smallest of details, this was one of those times.

The chicken, waffles, fries and everything in between was cooked to perfection. The flavor combination and execution was something only a skilled chef could create and it is obvious The Burger Stand has a master in its ranks. As I left, feeling stuffed and satisfied, I was disappointed with only one thing: I didn’t have room for a second Waffle Burger.