Every year it happens, many ladies are disappointed when their man forgets about one of the most important days of the year for couples (at least in some people’s minds).  Here’s a  list of ideas you can gently put in front of your significant other’s face to avoid disastrous disappointment.

This year Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday, put it in your phone, write a note on a Post-It, do whatever you need to do to remember.

One of my favorite places to eat in Topeka is at the Top of the Tower, located at 5th and Kansas Avenue. Not only is the food amazing, but also as you eat you can see for miles, add in a sunset and it’s probably the best dinner spot in Topeka (IMO). This year, Top of The Tower is hosting a Valentine’s Day Dinner on Saturday, February 18. For $25.99 per adult, you can enjoy a delectable buffet with salad, shrimp, vegetables, chicken cordon bleu, steak, tilapia and assorted desserts. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed Laugh Lines at Topeka Civic Theatre, after attending for the Visit Topeka holiday party. We will go again soon. It is a good thing they have a new show on February 18! For about the same price as a movie, you can enjoy fresh comedy put on by members of the community. Impromptu games and skits will leave you chuckling and even wanting to play the games when you go home. To spice up the show, try one of TCT’s cocktails. My favorites are the Pink Moscato and the Grasshopers, yum!

If my sweet darling arranged all of this, I might not make him clean the bathroom for an entire month! If you don’t have time for a date night, you can still wow your significant other with a caramel apple from Hazel Hill or a bag of flavored popcorn from Cashmere. If you’re dating a health nut, Topeka also has an Edible Arrangements shop where you can order fresh fruit baskets.