Public Information


GO Topeka Record Request Policy

As a private, not-for-profit organization, GO Topeka’s funding comes from a variety of sources, including a contract from JEDO and private funding, grants and other income. GO Topeka provides periodic reports to any entity for which it administers funds, describing in detail the use of those funds. GO Topeka does not provide information on private income sources or expenditures but it does disclose all public funding in its financial statements provided on a quarterly basis.

GO Topeka occasionally receives inquiries from individuals interested in additional documents pertaining to the organization’s work to attract new businesses, facilitate expansions and enhance the acumen of small business owners and entrepreneurs. However, documents provided may be redacted to ensure confidential information is not inadvertently released. Given the international scope and confidential nature of GO Topeka’s work on behalf of the city and the county to recruit and retain businesses and enhance the economic vitality of the region, the private not-for-profit board of directors has determined that GO Topeka cannot provide certain documentation and records including but not limited to:

  • Other than names, any records regarding individual donors/investors or company information (unless authorized by the individual or company)
  • All negotiations outside of a contract being presented to JEDO
  • Competitive positioning  (project-related materials or any other information including proprietary as well as non-proprietary information, that could provide competitive intelligence to another entity and may affect GO Topeka or our community adversely in regard to a competitive advantage)
  • Personnel information
  • Items available on the city and county websites for JEDO (absent a show of hardship)