Fortnite Glow Tournament

  • 1801 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka, KS 66604
  • (785) 337-8400
  • Location: Sky Zone Topeka
  • Presented By: Sky Zone Topeka
  • Time: 18:30:00
  • Price: $30 Admission, $40 VIP Admission

Glide your way into our Fortnite Tournament!
(Registration starts at 6:30pm)

Play for only $30.00 or upgrade to a VIP ticket for $40.00! Not only are you entered to play AND entered to win CASH, but you also receive a 3 hour GLOW pass! Tickets are limited so get yours today!

1st Place receives $200 cash
2nd Place receives 90 day jump passes
3rd Place receives 30 day jump passes

Tournament style brackets. 5 points a kill. 20 points a game. Entry price includes jump time for Glow. Clothing that illuminates under blacklight is required. Players can bring their own headsets and controllers (no modifications & not responsible for lost or stolen items). No PC's. We provide XBOX play only.
Solo Tournaments with teams of 2 then we combo win/kills. We can put you in a team if you don't have one.

VIP Tickets include a Sky Zone Glow T-Shirt, Limited Edition Sky Socks, 2 slices of pizza & unlimited drinks.

Fortnite Glow Tournament