Native Voices Activities

Celebrate the Native Tribes of the Northeast by participating in activities centered around our “Native Voices” Exhibit. From 12/2/17 to 12/9/17.

12/2/17                Aquinnah Wampanoag: Pinch Pots                                                                         1:00 PM              

Come learn how the Indigenous peoples across North America have learned to use natural resources to make clay pottery. This project will create a great present for you to give to someone special!

12/5/17                Cranberry Fluff                                                                                                           1:00 PM                              

Celebrate and explore cranberries, just like the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe celebrates Cranberry Day! Explore the unique texture of cranberries mixed with shaving cream!

12/6/17                Story Time                                                                                                                    1:00 PM              

Celebrate our Native Voices exhibit through a special story time at 1:00 pm.

12/7/17                Clam Dig                                                                                                                        1:00 PM              

Native tribes in the Northeast celebrate summer by gathering together to dig for clams for a clam bake. Join us for a pretend clam dig in our Native Voices exhibit.

12/8/17                Clay Pottery                                                                                                       10:30am & 1:00 PM       

Native tribes created their own pottery for daily use. Create your very own masterpiece to take home while learning about Native pottery.

 12/9/17               Mashpee Wampanoag: Hubbub                                                                                    1:00 PM            

Come learn how to play a traditional game, Hubbub, played by the Wampanoag and other Indigenous peoples all across America."

* Native Voices was produced by Boston Children’s Museum. All underlying materials, including all artwork and the use of Native Voices characters are used with permission of Boston Children’s Museum.


Native Voices Activities