About Us

It Takes a Team

Since its inception, the work and success of the Greater Topeka Partnership has been facilitated by an involved community of volunteers from businesses, economic development organizations, municipalities, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and countless others. Without the work, support and coordination of these entities the ability of the GTP to impact the community would be dramatically reduced.

Momentum 2022 will build upon previous economic development program successes and leverage established relationships to launch new initiatives, expand upon those already underway and achieve results. 

Within each of the goals of this program of work, strategic objectives are defined to correspond to specific issues. The objectives help organize the strategy's various tactical recommendations and provide clarity about the issues that the community can address through collective action. Each recommendation is accompanied by a set of potential actions that Topeka & Shawnee County will pursue to effectively activate each recommendation. Each pillar and strategic objective is followed by a set of metrics. The various elements of the strategy are interdependent and connected. No single element of the strategic framework can in isolation advance Topeka & Shawnee County toward its desired future - they are all designed to work together and support one another.