The Inspire Committee works to provide monthly volunteer opportunities for Forge members, as well as connecting them with organizations and causes they care about. Through the committee’s work, Forge members can find ways to give back to the community and build a culture of service among young professionals.

Chair - Kevin Burton

Co-Chair - Carolyn Zeller


The Forge Health Initiative started out as a four-night Rec League for young professionals in the Top City Intern's program. People came together to play different activities like Knockerball, Kickball, Pickleball, and Dodgeball. We wanted to take this passion for play and dedicate time to improving the health and well-being of Forge members.

Chair - Brittany Moore

Co-Chair - Missty Lechner



Forge Your Future is a non-partisan group of young professionals dedicated to increasing the number of people ages 18-40 who are registered to vote and participate in local elections. Forge believes that with the number of important issues that are before our elected leaders, everything from economic development to downtown redevelopment, it’s really important for people to make their voices heard when it comes to local issues.

Co-Chair - Andrew Gutierrez