Parking Getting Around Kansas Kids

Downtown Topeka

The only area in Topeka where parking meters are installed in the Central Business District. The City of Topeka provides and maintains 3,293 on-street parking spaces, 1,700 of which are metered. 

The City of Topeka currently operates and maintains 7 parking garages which provide 3,253 total off-street parking spaces.

Parking Meter Map

Parking Garage Map

Topeka Visitor Map


Current Road and Weather Conditions in the Topeka Area

Find current information regarding highway and road travel in the Topeka area at the Kansas Department of Transportation by visiting or by calling 511 while in the state. 


Interstate, U.S. Highways and State Highways

Topeka is accessible from the following: I-70, I-335 and I-470; U.S 24, 40 and 75; KS 4. I-70 east of Topeka to Kansas City is a toll road. I-335 is also a toll road which head south to Emporia where it joins I-35 out of Wichita.


General Driving Directions

Getting around Topeka is easy. The streets are designed in a grid pattern, which makes it easy to explore the capital city by car. 

Street addresses in Topeka are numbered starting from Kansas Avenue and First Street downtown. Generally, the north/south streets are given names and the east/west streets are numbers. Compass points (i.e.SW, NW, NE, SE) indicate in which quadrant of the city the address is located.

Interstate 70 runs through Topeka along the Kansas River, which separates the city. Interstate 470 is a loop that conveniently connects both east and west I-70 to I-335 on the south, and U.S. 75.  This makes for easy access from any corner of Topeka to another.

Major roads that run north and south are Wanamaker Road, FairlawnRoad, Gage Boulevard, MacVicar Avenue, Washburn Avenue, Topeka Boulevard, Kansas Avenue, Adams Street, Indiana Avenue and California Avenue.