Mamie Williams House

At 1503 SE Quincy Street sits the house of distinguished African-American educator and lifelong Topeka resident Mamie Williams. Williams received her education while growing up in Topeka. She graduated from Topeka High School at the age of 16 and and was one of three African-American girls who graduated that year. Williams graduated with honors in mathematics and the German language from Washburn University in 1915 and was the only African-American student to graduate that year. 

Mamie Williams class

Throughout her lifelong teaching career, Williams received several prominent awards for her work. In 1965, she was appointed to the Kansas Commission on the Status of Women. Williams was a delegate to the White House Conference in 1971. In 1973, Williams received Washburn University's Distinguished Service Award and an honorary doctorate in mathematics from Washburn in 1982. A TV special, 75 years on Quincy Street, aired in 1976 documenting Williams life.

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[Source: Kansas Historical Society]