Equality House

In March 2013, the Equality House arose in the sleepy neighborhood of Westboro as a symbol of compassion, peace and positive change. The Equality House, or “Rainbow House” as it is also called, became the headquarters for the LGBTQ+ advocacy arm of Planting Peace, a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded for the purpose of “spreading peace in a hurting world.” Painted the colors of the Pride flag, the Equality House “serves as a resource for all Planting Peace human rights initiatives and stands as a visual reminder of [the organization’s] commitment, as global citizens, for equality for all.”

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Located across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, the rainbow house stands in direct opposition – both literally and figuratively – to the church and its fundamentalist practices.

The Equality House champions empowering events, such as the Gay Games, a world-wide sport and cultural event that supports sexual diversity, and spotlights significant issues in LGBTQ+ culture, such as marriage equality, violence and employment discrimination. In addition, the rainbow house raises awareness for community issues and supports bullying prevention programs.

Planting Peace focuses its efforts on a range of humanitarian and environmental causes, including a network of orphanages and safe havens in developing countries; a multi-national deworming operation; LGBTQ+ rights advocacy; the Transgender House; and an Amazon Rainforest conservation campaign.

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Visitors are free to explore the property, take pictures and show their pride. Given the season, vegetables in the community garden are always up for grabs – just be sure to pull a weed or two!

Donations are always welcome. Visit to pledge either a monthly or one-time donation. These donations are vital to the Equality House’s mission to spread peace, compassion and understanding. Keep this powerful symbol alive by donating today.

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