Topeka Pride

Loud and proud is the Equality House in Topeka, KS! With pride gleaming from it's rainbow walls and the house next door covered in pink, blue, and white, Topeka's most colorful, and many say, most prominent attraction; stands out and up for equality! Showing not only the Pride of Topeka, but the Pride throughout the U.S., the houses are an attraction with meaning. From those locations to the Rainbow Walk in the NOTO Arts District, Topeka is full of color! Murals line the streets of the art district and are popping up all over town. Pinkadilly always has Pride gifts on hand and shows of all colors are held just down the street at Studio 62!

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What To See


Pride Month may fall in June, but in Topeka there are ways to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride all year long. Because the road to equality is paved one brick at a time, we encourage one and all to check out these ways to support PRIDE in the Capital City.


Perhaps one of Topeka’s best-known monuments of Pride, the Equality House is a loud and proud icon for the fight of LGBT+ rights. Purchased and managed by the nonprofit Planting Peace, the Equality house also stands as a direct opposition to groups, such as the Westboro Baptist Church (located across the street), who are known for persecuting the LGBTQ+ community. This Topeka landmark has also become a selfie hotspot, so feel free to stop by and take a pic, make a donation and leave an encouraging message.


Where art and activism collide, the North Topeka (NOTO) Arts and Entertainment District is a place to find thought-provoking pieces of public art and significant messages that ring true in the community, and the Rainbow Bridge is no exception. A symbol of PRIDE and equality, the Bridge is another photo-op fav. It is also the lead-up to Pinkadilly, a locally owned boutique that carries LGBTQ+ Pride gifts and collectibles.


Located in the heart of Topeka’s NOTO Arts District, Pinkadilly is a hip little boutique that offers its customers a unique selection of gifts, clothing, jewelry, home accessories and other novelties. This retailer offers a variety of Pride merchandise and is an outspoken proponent in the community for LGBTQ+ rights and diversity, equity and inclusion.


While in NOTO, be sure to visit an eclectic little art bar and entertainment venue by the name of Studio 62. Owned by wife and wife duo Chelsea and Jacques Smith, this arty establishment offers up the couple’s combined love for art and mixology through both a variety of art classes and delicious libations. In addition to art events, Studio 62 has been known to host regular drag shows featuring a wide variety of national and regional artists.

Another great way to support the local LGBTQ+ community is to like and join local pride groups such as Topeka Pride and LGBTQ pride - Topeka.

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