Submit an Event

Thanks for sharing your next Topeka, Kansas event with us! Please refer to the following rules for calendar submission:

  1. Must be open to the public
  2. Fundraisers are not approved unless they of large scale and benefit an organization (no individual or private fundraisers). Our mission is to promote events to those visiting Topeka.
  3. Event must be within Shawnee County, Kansas  
  4. Please complete entire submission form and include a graphic
  5. If your event doesn’t meet these guidelines, please consider visiting For questions on event form please contact,

Submitting event information here means your event will be in review. It should appear within 1-2 business days. The sooner the event is submitted, the more time we will have to promote the event. You will be notified if your event cannot be approved. If event details change after submission, just let us know.