Bakeries, Coffee Shops, and Sweet Treats

Local favorites await in the form of bread, cake, coffee, and more! Discover Topeka's sweet treats and baked goods at the city's bakeries, coffee shops, and sweet specialists. Fulfill your sweet tooth with locally made chocolate from Hazel Hill, or fresh baked bread from Shana Cake, even get freshly roasted coffee beans or a fresh ground and brewed espresso latte from PT's Coffee

PT's Coffee Wheatfield Village - John Brown Roast | Topeka, KS

A coffee, a sweet treat, a homemade baked good. It’s truly the little things that can make your day special. While you’re exploring the Capital City, be sure to treat yourself right at one of the city’s many coffee shops, specialty restaurants and bakeries.


Chocolate lovers should not miss out on the chance to visit local chocolatier Hazel Hill Chocolate for various chocolate and candied creations. On the hunt for allergy-friendly options to satisfy your sweet tooth? Shana Cakes has cupcakes, breads, cookies and more – these baked goods are made with ingredient specially designed for individuals with food aversions and allergies but contain the flavor and delectableness all sweet treat aficionados can enjoy. Bradley’s Corner Café, in NOTO, is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But if it’s a sweet treat you’re after, be sure to order one of their famous pies for dessert!

Bradley's Corner Cafe - Pies | NOTO Topeka, KS


If you’re looking for a lovely place to sit down and enjoy a warm (or cold) caffeinated beverage, there are many local mainstays in Topeka that will give you the upbeat, yet chill, vibe you want in a coffee shop. Some of the local faves include The Classic Bean, with locations in both Downtown Topeka and Fairlawn Plaza, Milk & Honey Coffee Co., Judee’s Coffee Shop, Juli’s Coffee and Bistro, Coffee Head, Dialogue Coffee, Blackbird Espresso Bar & Bistro, PT’s Coffee and the Steam Engine.



Baked goods are one of the many joys of life; fresh baked goods are a whole other level of gratification. In Westboro Mart, you’ll find Josey Baking Co., offering small batch from scratch bakery options like sweet and savory kolaches, breakfast pastries, cookies, soups, salads, and much more! If it’s French sweets you’re after, it’s time to visit La Petit Bon Bon. This bakery and coffee shop offers authentic French pastries, specializing in croissants and puffed pastry empanadas. Bread is life, am I right? Baking Traditions specializes in breads, breakfast pastries, and treats - handcrafted from scratch, with love. Lastly, if you desire the king of all cake – cheesecake – then you absolutely must visit G’s Cheesecakes and More. Known for their remarkable cheesecake with numerous flavors, G’s is also gaining recognition for its open-face sandwiches and breakfast items.

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Discover Topeka's Bakeries, Coffee Shops, and Sweets

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