East Topeka Eats

The cuisine of East Topeka North is some of the most unique in the capital city. Featuring areas like Oakland and the 6th Street corridor, East Topeka thrives on authentic eateries and local markets that will have you stocking up for your ride home. While we can’t highlight all of the great places in the area to grab a bite to eat, here are a few you’ll want to check out.

Oakland Bakery | Topeka, KS

To start the day, make your way over to Oakland for the Oakland Bakery! Nestled in a small building off Seward Avenue, the bakery offers authentic Mexican baked goods, along with some pastry favorites like homemade muffins and donuts. You can find a variety of pan dulce, such as conchas, orejas, empanadas de fruta, polverones and more. Get there early to snag your favorites, or get a quote on their website for larger orders.

When you’re ready for lunch or a mid-day meal, we suggest going on a little taco tour and trying as many items as you can (or our recommendations listed below) at the following area locations:

  • Carniceria Camecuaro (or Camecuaro Meat Market) — We recommend ordering the Menúdo on Saturdays!
  • La Unica Supermarket — Add their red salsa to everything if you like heat 🔥
  • Tacos El Sol — Try De Barbacoa tacos, or “Favorite Mexican Tacos” as they’re described on the menu
  • Snack’s Del Real — Don’t sleep on their Hot Cheeto Tamales! (Yes, they’re a thing, and yes, they’re delicious!)

If you’re in the mood for something quick on the go but still want to impress the camera, or your friends, look no further than Casserolle. With elote that overflows each cup and delightful mangonadas, a frozen mango treat featuring chamoy sauce and tajin, this hole-in-the-wall snack-ery features some amazing treats.

Nearby, the options are endless, and you’re sure to find a new favorite dish or treat. Here are some other popular locations in the area:

  • Pizza Parlor
  • Restaurante Mi Tierra
  • Taqueria El Coyote
  • La Casita Mexican Restaurant
  • Zoila’s Cafe
  • Tortilleria
  • Hamburguesas Mexicanas
  • Pablanos Grill


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