GO Topeka is excited to announce that Bimini Pet Health has decided to expand its business in Topeka. The final approval for this project came at the JEDO board meeting on December 11, 2019. Bimini provides private label and custom manufactured pet supplements to help support and maintain healthy pets.

Previously referred to as “Project Cay,” this expansion is expected to produce additional employment opportunities, up to four new full-time jobs, with an average yearly wage of $52,000 plus benefits. Capital Investment includes building purchase, improvement expenditures, and equipment purchases of $1.1M. The total economic impact expected in the next 10 years is $17.7M.  

“Topeka is not only where we live, but for a life sciences-based manufacturing business it is also geographically in the center of the country, and right within the Animal Health Corridor which represents 56% of global animal health, diagnostics and pet food sales.” said Sam Al-Murani, CEO of Bimini Pet Health. “Therefore, many of the elements required for establishing, growing and sustaining a manufacturing business in life sciences, in this case, in Animal Health, are already here in Topeka and we plan to take full advantage as we grow.”

“Bimini Pet Health will prove to be a significant addition to Topeka & Shawnee County’s business community. As we’ve learned from the recent Plug and Play announcement, Topeka is a prime location for animal health sciences,” said Shawnee County Commissioner Bill Riphahn. “It is important to acknowledge the growth in this field, as I and many others are certain this is only the beginning of the boom that Topeka will experience in the animal health industry.”

“This is a testament to the powerful role Topeka is currently playing in the Animal Health Corridor.” said Mayor Michelle De La Isla. “The City of Topeka is excited to support Bimini Pet Health’s growth in its thriving business community.”

“This is a win for Topeka’s animal health manufacturing industry,” said Molly Howey, SVP of Economic Development, GO Topeka, an organization of the Greater Topeka Partnership. “Not only will this expansion bring more specialized jobs to the field, it will open up opportunities for additional growth and future partnerships within the region.”

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