To date, a taskforce under the Momentum 2022 strategy, “Bring Back the Boulevard,” has received $5,000 in donations from South Topeka businesses who are in support of the initiative and progress put forth by the group. Donations were made to Bring Back the Boulevard’s Keep America Beautiful 501c(3). Donor businesses include Heartland Motorsports Park; JC Entertainment, LLC; Thunder Over the Heartland, LLC; SunFlower Paving; and Vaerus Aviation, Inc. Bring Back the Boulevard is made up of local volunteers; the group meets Momentum’s strategic objective 2.3.2: “Continue to improve gateways into Topeka-Shawnee County, particularly those connecting the community to population centers.” For the entire list of strategic objectives, visit

“The donations we have received from local businesses signals a great beginning and ongoing commitment to ‘Bring Back the Boulevard,’” said Kent Lammers, member of Bring Back the Boulevard taskforce and president and CEO of Polo Custom Products. “This major artery in our capital city will eventually be a good first impression for visitors traveling to other parts of our city, including downtown. This also exhibits pride for residents, entrepreneurs, and encourages young, talented people to remain in Topeka.”

“Our local businesses are in support of the momentum we are trying to build on the Boulevard,” said Councilman Michael Padilla, District 5. “This recognition, as well as the generous donations made, will help this effort succeed and allow South Topeka Boulevard to thrive in the process.”

“Bring Back the Boulevard is actively making a change, as we’ve seen through recent cleanup efforts and other enhancements they are continually advocating for,” said Michelle Cuevas-Stubblefield, SVP of strategy and Momentum 2022 director, Greater Topeka Partnership. “We see this donation as not only a win for South Topeka Boulevard but Topeka as a whole.”

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