Today the Joint Economic Development Organization (JEDO) board approved an incentive agreement to aid in expansion of Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

GO Topeka confirmed that the expansion, previously referred to as “Project Prince,” is expected to produce up to 33 new full-time jobs, with an average yearly wage of $56,000 plus benefits, over the next five years. Capital Investment from this expansion will be $31.4M. The total economic impact over the next 10 years is expected to be $495M. The performance-based incentive for this project will be up to $341,000.

“Today, the Hill’s Topeka Plant produces over 200 million pounds of Hill’s Prescription Diet and Science Diet pet food - a number that continues to grow. These products serve both canine and feline companion animals,” said Corey Murrey, plant director, Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “This growth is what is driving the capacity expansion in our plant. Our $31M investment consists of an onsite wastewater treatment facility, followed by a new diet-making system. In order to support this new equipment, we will hire an additional 33 employees that we will bring on board with an extensive training program.”

“Hill’s is a homegrown Topeka business that has become a global leader in the field of animal health science,” said Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla. “This project not only promises state-of the-art equipment and facilities, but also 33 new and specialized jobs and a substantial economic impact over time.”

"I’m thrilled to see this expansion take place,” Shawnee County Commissioner Kevin Cook, JEDO chair. “Hill’s is playing a vital role in the health of pets all over the world, and we have the work that’s being done right here in Shawnee County to thank for that.”

“Hill’s Pet Nutrition has long been a key contributor to the economic growth of the entire region,” said Molly Howey, president of GO Topeka, an organization of the Greater Topeka Partnership. “Not only will this expansion allow for more specialized positions and new growth for the organization, it will also propel Topeka & Shawnee’s reputation as a major contributor to the animal health field as well as a leader in the Animal Health Corridor.”

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