Current wayfinding sign.TOPEKA, Kansas - Members of the public and representatives of top Topeka attractions are encouraged to join Visit Topeka in determining the best design and placement of new Topeka wayfinding signs. The discussion is planned for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2, at the Big Gage Shelter House in Gage Park.

"We want to hear from community partners whose attractions will be affected by the wayfinding system as we develop this important tool for our community," said Brett Oetting, president and CEO of Visit Topeka Inc. "We also want to hear from Topekans who want their city to be the best it can be."

Updating wayfinding throughout Topeka means modifications or additions to everything from arrival gateways and vehicular guide signs to pedestrian guide signs, facility identity signs and informational kiosks. Regulatory signs also are included.

The purpose of any wayfinding system is two-fold: to provide efficient navigation for visitors and to support the Topeka brand. As an extension of maps, GPS systems and published directions, the signs provide additional navigation information for drivers in real time. These signs will give the city a sense of visual unity and help visitors to feel confident and comfortable when en route to our community's most popular destinations

At the March 2 meeting, project consultants will explain their recommendations for the community regarding the development of a comprehensive wayfinding system for Topeka. Wayfinding improvements will enhance the visitor experience and increase community pride. Like any tool, its purpose, goals and focus must be carefully defined to provide a benefit to the city.

"We will use community feedback to take the sign design and wayfinding project to the next step," said Michael Haug, senior project designer with AXIA Creative, the consultant working with Visit Topeka and the City of Topeka on the wayfinding effort. An AXIA team visited Topeka in August to hear from community members.

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Brett Oetting, President and CEO