According to the Midwest is dominating the real estate markets – especially the Capital City. Topeka was listed as one of the top five “Hottest Real Estate Markets” in U.S. in September 2019. The article sites the demand for homes in the market remains high due to consumer confidence and a growing population of millennials, in addition to low mortgage rates.

Linda Briden, CEO of Sunflower Association of REALTORS®, Inc., commented: “Our Realtor® members have always known that Topeka is a great value for homeowners. Home appreciation has steadily increased since 2015 with the largest increase of 6.6% in 2018. Home values are projected to increase for the next two years. The downtown revitalization has provided exciting entertainment options for families. Homeowners can buy more house for the money in a community with great schools and a rich cultural history. It’s not hard to see why Topeka has cracked the ‘hot’ list.”

“As the article states, Topeka is ‘making its way up the list’ of the nation’s hottest metros.” says Molly Howey, SVP of Economic Development. “This is an exciting opportunity for the community to grow and flourish and, ultimately, take pride in the fact that Topeka is being recognized as a ‘hot’ prospect.”

“Topeka has been keenly focused on improving the quality of place, quality of life and pride of our region." said Matt Pivarnik, CEO of the Greater Topeka Partnership. "As we make significant progress in these areas we expected to become a great destination to live, work, visit, play and learn. Now the focus and discussion should turn to housing and ensuring we have stock for these people that want to move here.” 

In 2018, also identified Topeka as the “Best Value” for real estate, with the special distinction of being the only community on the list not to experience a population decline.