Written by Annie Sandmeier

As published on Only In Your State

Kansas: Home to the Kansas City Chiefs (I know the stadium is in Missouri but just stick with me!), wheat fields galore and some of the best beef that will ever grace your taste buds. The next time somebody asks "Where's the Beef?", be sure to point them in the direction of one of these 11 delicious Kansas burger joints!

1.) The Golden Q (Hays) 

I went to college in Hays and have eaten many a Q burger in my day (I have also partaken in many a Q happy hour.. but that's a story for another time) -- I can honestly say that they are the best in western Kansas!

2.) BRGR Kitchen + Bar (Prairie Village) 

BRGR offers a wide array of delicious burgers, including their signature "BRGR Burger" -- beef, cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, and mustard. Yum!!

3.) Bionic Burger (Wichita) 

Bionic Burger: Home of the 6 Million Dollar Burger. Trust me; this place tastes as epic as it sounds!

4.) Grandpa's Burger Box (Tonganoxie) 

Word to the wise: Call ahead because they take their time crafting each masterpiece of a burger (but if you do have to wait, it's totally worth it!).

5.) Dempsey's Burger Pub (Lawrence & Wichita) 

Your eyes do not deceive you; that is indeed a fried egg atop a thick-cut slice of ham atop a delicious beef patty.

6.) Fizz Burgers & Bottles (Wichita) 

"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.." to devour this gigantic, juicy Fizz burger!

7.) Bobo's Drive-In (Topeka) 

As you can tell from the building picture, Bobo's has been around for a LONG time (and for good reason) -- drive in to get your custom made burger, homemade slice of pie, and/or a cool treat!

8.) The Burger Stand at the Casbah (Lawrence) 

Rock the Casbah burger with gourmet ingredients and fresh, customizable toppings!

9.) Bogey's (Salina) 

I love Bogey's for two reasons: One is because the food is absolutely AMAZING (and you cannot beat a fresh-made Bogey's burger); and two, my husband and I picked up burgers and chili cheese fries on our first date from this Salina favorite. #wereso1950s #butwhateverthefoodisdelish

10.) Big Bam's Burgers (Shawnee) 

Who knew that three simple ingredients (100% USDA Choice Beef, Kosher salt, and black pepper) could taste so delicious?

11.) The Cozy Inn (Salina) 

When you love something as much as you love a Cozy burger, you don't even care that you smell like a greasy grill for the next 3 months (order outside to avoid this)!