The Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce PAC has announced its endorsements of Shawnee County candidates for the 2020 General Elections.

The Chamber PAC Board offered to interview every candidate for contested legislative and county commission races in Shawnee County.  Following two days of interviews the week of September 14, the PAC is endorsing those candidates whose positions on such priorities as economic development, transportation and Medicaid Expansion best aligned with the Topeka Chamber of Commerce’s legislative agenda.

"This community is fortunate to have so many dedicated individuals willing to step forward and lead during such challenging times as these. The PAC Board appreciated the time each candidate took to share their views with us.  We are very pleased to support those who best demonstrated their commitment to leading the recovery and getting back to the business of creating a more prosperous future for the entire community," said Natalie Haag, chair of the Topeka Chamber PAC Board.

Formed in 2018, the Topeka Chamber PAC is affiliated with the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce but is distinct from it. No staff member of the Greater Topeka Partnership or board member of any of the organizations which make up the Greater Topeka Partnership serves on the PAC.

Here are the Topeka Chamber PAC’s 2020 Endorsements:


State Senate

District 18 - Kristen O'Shea

District 19 - Anthony Hensley

District 20 - Brenda S. Dietrich


State House

District 50 - Fred C. Patton

District 52 - Jesse Borjon

District 53 - Jim Gartner

District 55 - Annie Kuether

District 56 - Virgil Weigel

District 57 - John Alcala

District 58 - Vic Miller


County Commission

District 2 - Kevin Cook

District 3 – Aaron Mays


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