The Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce PAC on Thursday announced its endorsements of candidates for the 2021 Topeka Municipal Elections.

The Chamber PAC Board offered to interview every candidate for the Mayoral and City Council races for Districts 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.  Following two days of interviews in early-June, the PAC is endorsing those candidates whose positions on such priorities as economic development, diversity, equity and inclusion best aligned with the Topeka Chamber of Commerce’s public policy objectives.

"We heard a wide array of perspectives during our discussions with the candidates but were inspired by their consistently selfless commitment to moving Topeka forward.  While all the candidates for city office deserve our gratitude for stepping-forward to lead at such a critical time, the candidates the PAC Board has chosen to support most impressed us with their ideas for getting back to the business of creating a more prosperous and diverse future for the entire community," said Natalie Haag, chair of the Topeka Chamber PAC Board.

Formed in 2018, the Topeka Chamber PAC is affiliated with the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce but is distinct from it. No staff member of the Greater Topeka Partnership serves on the PAC and no more than two members of the Chamber Board of Directors is permitted to serve simultaneously on the PAC.  No board member of any of the other organizations which make up the Greater Topeka Partnership may serve on the PAC.

Here are the Topeka Chamber PAC’s 2021 Endorsements:


Mike Padilla


City Council

District 1 – Karen Hiller

District 3 – Sylvia Ortiz

District 5 – Marcus Clark

District 7 – Neil Dobler

District 9 – Mike Lesser



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