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Within the land of the prairie, there lies a city teeming with pivotal points of history, unparalleled novelties and attractions, and natural beauty that pairs perfectly with Kansas’ notably expansive horizon. Topeka has a bright legacy all its own when one considers its ties to the Civil Rights Movement; its small but undeniable influence on an influential 20th century daredevil; and its dedication to green and recreational spaces specifically for the public to enjoy. We look forward to dazzling you with new adventures, good food and great times to ensure we are always on your short list for future getaways.
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Author: Rhett

When he's not asking about AVBs and IBUs, Rhett is busy creating new ways for you to have fun in Top City. He's from Independence, Kansas and a proud Shocker. 

There's No Place Like Truckhenge

Thursday, April 13, 2017 12:00 PM by Rhett

“We just like to have a little fun out here,” Ron Lessman, owner and operator of Truckhenge, said. 

Truckhenge, which is located on Lessman’s property just outside of Topeka, is an eclectic mixture of art ranging from sculptures to graffiti painted trucks standing vertically and everything in between. Truckhenge was created in 2000 after Lessman was told he either needed to use the trucks or move them off the property. The idea of making the trucks into mechanical monuments came from other sites throughout the United States like Cadillac Ranch in Texas.