Keynundrum is an escape room adventure that challenges your team to find hidden objects, resolve puzzles and decrypt clues to earn your freedom. This year-round adrenaline-filled experience will bring out the imagination and creativity you didn't know you had in you.



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Can you unravel these mysteries in under 60 minutes?

Their newest room is "Kidnapped!" You'll be put to the test in this scary adventure at the mercy of a deranged killer in the dark, handcuffed and blindfolded. Recommended for up to 6 players.

Solve Rate: Undetermined

The Jewel Thief

If you're new to the escape room experience, try your hand at this experience perfect for newbies. In The Jewel Thief, the famous Faith Diamond has been stolen by an infamous jewel their. You and your team must sneak into his office and search through his things to find proof of the heist. Can you crack the safe and escape the room before he returns? Recommended for teams of 2-6 players..

Solve Rate: 50%

Murder Motel

In this adventure, a young woman has been murdered and your friend is about to be framed for the offense. Using the same evidence as the police, can you solve the case and determine who the real killer is before they haul your friend off to jail. Recommended for groups of 4-8 players of any level.

Solve Rate: 30%

Murder of Crows

As heir to the Crow fortune, you have been tasked with searching your uncle's estate for the missing deed and getting it to the executor before time runs out. Unfortunately, your uncle likes Edgar Allen Poe, so his estate is a bit creepy!

Solve Rate: 25%

Chaotic Classroom

Get ready to head back to school with this escape room experience. Can you finish all the projects and find the test answer sheet before the teacher comes back? Recommended for teams of 4-10 players.

Solve Rate: 20%

General Tao's Back Room

This isn't your average restaurant, and Grandma is not getting the Senior Special! Designed for larger groups, this room will challenge and excite you, with plenty to do for everyone. Bring your friends, family and coworkers to escape from this room! You'll need them all! Recommended for 6-16 players.

Solve Rate: 15%


As a reminder - while you're required to solve all of the clues and puzzles to "escape" the room, you may lave at any time, however, the timer will continue to run. They do change the rooms regularly, so you'll be able to come back and have a new experience too. Book your Keynundurm adventure at