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Get ready to make room for more neighbors. The benefits of living in Top City are no longer top-secret. Aside from the financial incentives for moving here, Topeka has earned bragging rights as one of America's safest, and business-friendliest cities.

A city is more than a group of buildings and shared history. Happy people make a happy city. And there's a culture of happiness here that sets Topeka apart.

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City of Smiling Faces

Happy Couple_CapitolAuthor and urban activist Jane Jacobs once wrote, "Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody." Topeka nurtures diverse communities and dedicated people. Maybe it's the friendliness factor that adds to the culture of happiness. It's tough to be sad or angry when all your neighbors are so outgoing. Many who visit rave about its small-town vibe with the perk of a bigger city.

Home Happiness

Your dollar will buy you a lot more in Topeka than in most urban cities. That includes your dream home. A recent study shows most Topekans are happy with their home and their neighborhoods. That happiness and civic pride are easy to see during any volunteer event in the city. (Topeka is home to more than 200 civic organizations.)

Each of the city's neighborhoods offers a distinct personality. Holliday Park features a wide variety of architectural styles. If you want to be closer to Washburn University, there's College Hill. Each neighborhood has activities and parades for holidays and special occasions. With so many ways to interact with your neighbors, you won't be a stranger for long!

Night on the Town

iron rail brewing downtown topeka

From sweet treats to savory morsels, Topeka has your taste buds covered. Whether you're traveling with carnivorous counterparts or a group that has dietary restrictions. Stop by the RowHouse in Downtown Topeka for a gourmet selection that offers a bevy of vegetarian and gluten free options. Monsoon Indian Grill on Wanamaker Road serves vegetarian and meat options.

Take a tour of a brewery, or plan your trip around one of Topeka's many festivals, and gorge yourself on food truck fare. Cheer on your favorite team in one of the city's many sports bars. Even if sports aren't your thing, there are plenty of appetizers to enjoy.

Explore History

Brown V Board

Topeka has a rich and unique history and culture that is proudly celebrated. The Brown v. Board of Education Historical Site sits as a reminder of our nation's difficult past, parts of which played out in Topeka. It's worth a visit to educate yourself on such a pivotal moment in history.

The nonprofit organization Planting Peace has made Topeka its home base. Equality House, a rainbow-painted one-story, sits across from the Westboro Baptist Church. Planting Peace encourages visitors to take pictures, and spruce up their social media feeds. Next door is the Mott House, painted in the colors of the transgender flag.

Topeka is a city that embraces its history and its people, greeting visitors with a smile. So whether you're looking for a place to visit or a place to begin the next chapter of your life, start at the top — Top City.